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Friday, January 7, 2011

Maysville and Ryland Face Major Winter Storm This Weekend

Weekend may bring major winter storm

"... The current forecast calls for a mixture of snow, sleet and ice pellets to begin falling Sunday afternoon in the Shoals, with snow possible Sunday night. Snow is also possible Monday and Tuesday...."    

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McDonalds on Highway 72 (Store 21200)

The local McDonald's Restaurant is located on Highway 72 at the intersection of Highway 72 and Shields Road. This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee of the McDonald's Corporation. The franchise is owned by Johnson Partners Inc. dba McDonald's in Huntsville, AL. McDonald’s owner/operator, Jack Johnson, opened his first McDonalds Restaurant in Pulaski, Tennessee. The Johnson McDonald’s owner’s are proud of their affiliation with Ronald McDonald House®.

  • 1795 US Hwy 72 East

  • Huntsville AL 35811

  • Phone: 256-859-1630

  • Manager: Sheila Long

  • Send Comments to the restaurant specifically

  • McDonalds Menu

  • McDonalds Nutrition

  • Happy Meal McDonalds