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Saturday, October 30, 2010

November 2 Election Candidate Research

Going blindly to the polls is even more dangerous than not voting at all. The following is a list of candidates with links to their sites in an effort to familiarize yourself with the candidates. This is NOT an all inclusive list and you must take into account the fact that the sites are NOT objective, as they are developed by the candidate or their team ...meaning they are going to attempt to tell you what they want you to hear. We suggest you also research the web to determine where the source of their contributions come from, what their background is, where they were raised, etc. Please note that the Maysville and Ryland News does not endorse any candidate.    

Reference: Maysville and Ryland News

Our List:


  • RON SPARKS - Democrat

  • ROBERT BENTLEY - Republican

  • Lt. Governor:

  • JIM FOLSOM, JR. - Democrat

  • KAY IVEY - Republican

  • U.S. Senator:

  • WILLIAM G. BARNES - Democrat

  • RICHARD C. SHELBY - Republican

  • U.S. Representative, Fifth Congressional District

  • STEVE RABY - Democrat

  • MO BROOKS - Republican

  • Attorney General:


  • LUTHER STRANGE - Republican

  • .
    Commissioner of Agriculture and Industry:

  • GLEN ZORN - Democrat

  • JOHN McMILLAN - Republican

  • Madison County Board of Education, District 5:

  • BENJAMIN J. BIRD - Democrat Note: Could only find a Facebook site

  • JEFF ANDERSON - Republican
  • Note: could not find a specific site. This is the Google search result.

    Please return to this blog post, as we will be adding candidates up until the election.