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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trail of Tears Remembrance Motorcycle Ride

...always the 3rd Saturday of September. 2010 Ride Sept. 18.
"... This ride is not about which trail we ride, or the remembrance of one particular group of people that traveled the Trail of Tears. It is about the remembrance of the plight of the Native American people ripped from their homes, their lands and forced to endure the terrible hardship placed upon them when forced to a new land, forced to a land full of uncertainty, unknowing, and a feeling that their aggressors may again change their mind and force another removal, or worse annihilation...."    
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U.S. 72: Learn about Highway 72

"... U.S. Route 72 is an east–west United States highway that runs for 337 miles (542 km) from southeast Tennessee through northern Alabama and northern Mississippi to southwest Tennessee. The highway's eastern terminus is Chattanooga, Tennessee. Its western terminus is Memphis, Tennessee...."    

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