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Saturday, January 30, 2010

View of Tornado from Central School on Ryland Pike (Video 1-21-10)


Reference: [bubba35741's Channel]


Cooper Estates Neighbors: Ryland Pike Gentleman in the Driveway Waving at You

The Maysville and Ryland News, upon searching for articles to post, we stumbled across a facebook page that references the gentleman than stands in his driveway on Ryland Pike and returns the waves of passers-by. This is what the facebook page says about the gentleman:

  • This page is not directly associated with the man nor is this an actual photo of him but Warm or cold, he's always there. If you wave, he'll wave. If not, you might as well be an alien that does not belong on Ryland Pike. He's Watching You!

  • It appears the facebook page is no longer active, so for educational purposes we have archived the google's cache of the old page [click on the image to see our archival picture]. The following are other hits on Google: The Old Guy on Ryland Pike That Stands In His Driveway and Watches Cars. The editors of the Maysville and Ryland News are unsure why the page no longer exist. Who knows, maybe word got back to the gentleman and he was not happy about being referenced ...or being called an old dude didn't sit well with him. Being an old guy myself, I could see how someone might be offended by the term, but "Old Guys Rule"! The Maysville and Ryland News certainly does not wish to offend anyone, so if you ...or the gentleman himself contacts us through the comments link below and wishes the removal of this blog post, then it will be removed. However, I personally like to see him out there. We love this area and he puts a smile on our face. we wave at him most times we see him. Sometimes we get the wave-back or a nod and sometimes we don't ...but we are not offended if he doesn't. We personally like living in an area where many people still provide that southern courtesy of waving at people in their automobiles as we drive down the road ...whether they are in cars or on the side of the road. So wave at your neighbors.