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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Maysville History and Local Author Robert Dunnavant

Northeast Alabama is a gold mine for talent and is rich in history. If you are researching history for Maysville Alabama, Robert Dunnavant, a local author references the area in the "Historic Limestone County", which can be ordered from Amazon (see below). Robert Dunnavant passed away some years ago, but he left us a legacy of quality books preserving local history.

Books by Robert Dunnavant:
Historic Limestone County: A collection of stories and, incidentally, some history from Limestone County, Alabama, and surrounding counties

Spurs, sabers, & steam engines (Civil War series)

The Railroad War: N. B. Forrest's 1864 Raid Through Northern Alabama and Middle Tennessee

Antique Athens & Limestone County, Alabama: A photographic journey, 1809-1949

Decatur, Alabama: Yankee Foothold in Dixie, 1861-1865


Local Artist Spotlight: John Warr

Near the Maysville area, we have a popular and very talented artist.

[WEBSITE]John Warr began his art career in 1980 concentrating mainly on wildlife. Over the next ten years Warr worked with many wildlife organizations along with winning many awards including the 1988-1989 Alabama Duck Stamp competition. Warr grew up surrounded by the beauty of his beloved Guntersville Lake area of rural Northeastern Alabama. He found the beauty of Lake Guntersville and it's bounty of wildlife. He grew to love the outdoors and it's natural beauty. When John began drawing, at the age of twenty-one, he created drawings of the river wildlife, mainly waterfowl. When John created his first color works, about four years later, river wildlife remained his primary interest. In 1989 Warr accidentally ventured into the field of Civil War art. With his interest in the Civil War and some photos from Civil War reenactments, he decided to do a scene showing a group of Confederate soldiers marching across a field while two Whitetail Deer watch from a distance. With no intentions of printing the piece, Warr carried it to a few shows and the response was unbelievable. Over the last thirteen years Warr has spent most of his time painting Civil War scenes, but he hasn't completely given up on his wildlife. In all of his major pieces, the scenes have wildlife as the subject or somewhere in the background. Warr resides in rural Northern Alabama with his wife Tammy and three daughters Lauren, Lindsey, and Laney.

Art Example: Hangin' Out 'Till The Smoke Clears