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Friday, February 22, 2008

Redstone Arsenal Responsible for Mysterious Boom Heard Over Seven Counties

Community left clueless for hours after a "Rocket Motor Test" shakes seven counties in NE Alabama. Redstone Arsenal has taken credit for the "B-O-O-M" heard last night. Hey Redstone about stepping up a little sooner instead of leaving people questioning something like this for so long. Here is the WHNT 19 article on the mystery boom: Arsenal Offers Explanation on "Mystery Boom". The article explains it saying, "Thursday night's test was the end of what's called a "slow cook-off" of a rocket motor.

"It's simply taking a motor, putting it in to a prefabricated oven, and raising the temperature at a certain rate, in accordance with test procedures, and you basically wait till it explodes," said Walter Ruh with Redstone's Technical Test Center."

Big Boom Heard Across Huntsville

Big Boom in Maysville and surrounding areas

While the citizens of the high-tech rocket city slept peacefully at night, a thunderous boom shook the night sky. Ray Dunavant, a resident of Cooper Estates in Maysville, described it as a single boom that sounded similar to thunder. Mr. Dunavant said, "I was home listening to the television when I heard the boom. It sounded like thunder in the distance ...or a sonic boom. I thought it odd because it was only one single incidence of the sound ...unlike thunder. The sound came from the direction of what sounded to be north Huntsville. I thought it odd enough that I turned to my girlfriend and asked her if she thought it might be an earthquake."

This morning, residents of Huntsville, Maysville, Ryland, and the surrounding areas awoke to news reports of the anonymous sound. WHNT 19, shares this report with us: Reports Continue to Pour in About "Mystery Boom". The article claims "... made phone calls to a number of authorities, including Redstone Arsenal, NASA, the FAA, the Huntsville International Airport, local EMA offices, local police and sheriff's departments, and the United States Geological Survey. None of these agencies claim to know anything about what caused the boom. ..."

Mr. Dunavant said he fully expected to get up this morning and hear news reports of a small earthquake. He continued by saying, "we do live in an area prone to quakes, as we sit on cavernous limestone terrain and after all, there was an occurrence of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake that struck Wells, Nevada, early Thursday. Seismically speaking, there could be a correlation ...we are located in the New Madrid Seismic Zone!"