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Friday, January 11, 2008

Ex-convicts possibly moving into Maysville Alabama

Why add crime problems to an area with a dense population of subdivisions? Pastor Bobby Sledge, of Victory World Outreach Ministries in Huntsville, wants to move 50 ex-inmates in to the vacant church near the Maysville Four-Way. We all know that our prison systems are overtaxed and along with that prisoners that should remain behind bars are released. What protections would our community be offered to secure our children and homes from this added threat? There are plenty of places in this country that are isolated enough that we do not need to supplant these ex-cons in our area. The are offers no employment in walking distance for 50 ex-cons. How many are child molesters and burglars? Why should we be concerned? Recitivism ...that's why! One in three criminals eventually end up back in prison. To bring these people to the community is opening the door to rape, theft, murder, etc. Just say NO! Not here!