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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harris Hills and major rezoning in the Chapman Mountain area

"...planning commission forwarded a recommendation to the City Council to approve a major rezoning in the Chapman Mountain area for a multimillion-dollar proposed development. Cole Walker wants to turn several hundred acres of land near the intersection of Moores Mill Road and south of U.S. 72 into a retail, residential and commercial development. ..."    

Reference:; Huntsville Times Planners limit storage containers


Highway 72 and Moores Mill Road Interchange

Discussion during the May 27, 2008, Huntsville City Planning Commission said the state is designing an interchange for the Moores Mill Road/U.S. 72 intersection.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rocket City Loss: Rocket scientist Ernst Stuhlinger dies at age 94

With so many people in the Maysville and Ryland area being employed by NASA and Redstone Arsenal, we all feel a great loss when we lose a rocket industry pioneer.

Rocket scientist Ernst Stuhlinger dies at age 94

"...Stuhlinger served as chief scientist for Dr. Wernher von Braun and was among the group of German scientists who moved with him to Huntsville in 1950 when the Army established the Ordnance Missile Laboratories...."



Any Maysville area Ham Radio Operators Out There?

Huntsville Hamfest - August 16 & 17, 2008

"...The Hamfest is an event organized by amateur radio enthusiasts, for social gathering and comparison and sales of radio equipment. The Huntsville Hamfest features a flea market, where the attendees buy and sell equipment. Vendors and manufacturers of new equipment will demonstrate and sell their products. Some participants offer seminars on technical, operational, and legal aspects of amateur radio..."

Resource: A descendant of signed-off W5VBY


Friday, May 23, 2008

Madison County on minimum antler size regulation

Petition drive for antler restrictions on shaky ground

"...Scott Canterberry and Trey Mann of Huntsville, two young and enthusiastic hunters, several weeks ago put out petition forms at several locations including Wiley Outdoor Sports, Dick's, Gander Mountain, C.T. Garvin Feed & Seed, Redstone Arsenal. The petition asked for a Madison County regulation for a minimum antler size of 4-points or better on one side for all three of the bucks in the season bag limit - in essence, a request for hunters to target older, mature bucks...."



Saturday, May 10, 2008

HUNTSPEX 2008 Huntsville Stamp Show June 7 and June 8


The HUNTSPEX stamp show sponsored by the Huntsville Philatelic Club announces 2008 event:
SATURDAY JUNE 7th 10am - 5pm
SUNDAY JUNE 8th 10am - 4pm

301 Sparkman Drive
(I-565, exit 12)
Huntsville, Alabama


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Automobile Accident in Ryland Area on May 8, 2008 at Approximately 1:45 PM

An accident occurred on Highway 72 (West bound lane) and Ryland Pike at approximately 1:45 pm today. The automobile flipped over and landed upside down in the ditch. There were injuries involved. The road was wet and slippery when the accident took place. The Ryland Pike merge lane to Highway 72 becomes extremely dangerous when accidents occur here because the merge from Ryland curves blindly around the rocky outcropping. Please always take extra caution in this area so as not to rear-end someone stopped here due to accidents or backed up traffic. This accident occurred during the same time many areas of Northeastern Alabama were under tornado watches and warnings. At the writing of this article, the tornado warning sirens are currently sounding at 2:44 PM.

The picture below identifies paramedics caring for an injured person in the ditch.

KMDQ: Tom Sharp, Jr. Field/Madison County Executive Airport and 3M5: The Moontown Airport

While tilling my small vegetable garden this past week, my ears were attracted to the distant sound of a crop duster spraying a field. The sound of aircraft engines have always been able to get my blood flowing due to my being a Military Brat, as well as an ex-Navy and ex-DOD aircraft mechanic. When I first moved to the Maysville area in 1992 I could actually watch these talented pilots strafe the surrounding cotton, corn, and bean fields. As the years have passed, the crop dusters have disappeared, along with the fields they once protected. The fields now grow families in subdivisions where cotton once grew. I imagine that crop dusting is also regulated in some manner that doesn't permit the spraying of chemicals near populated areas. I miss the acrobatic display, as well as the comradery of waving to my fellow aviation enthusiast as they flew over my home rolling the aircraft slightly, returning my wave. The Maysville area still offers some entertaining aviation sky events. I have witnessed passing blimps, hot air balloons, and gliders. Tilt your head to the sky on occasion so you can witness some of our aerial beauty.

The Maysville and Ryland area offers two (2) airfields. The Tom Sharp, Jr. Field/Madison County Executive Airport located in Meridianville and the Moontown Airport near Maysville.

Madison County Commission Youth Fishing Rodeo

10:30 am Sharon Johnston Park Lake Stocked with catfish for Youth Fishing Rodeo May 17
District Three Commissioner Jerry Craig, Project Chairman for the 26th Annual Madison County Commission Fishing Rodeo tossed 2,000 pounds of catfish into Sharon Johnston Park Lake at ten-thirty, Wednesday morning, May 7. This was in preparation for the Fishing Rodeo set for Saturday, May 17.

From Wednesday, May 7 until the Rodeo, May 17 – there will be NO FISHING allowed in the lake. Commissioners want to insure that the young fishermen, ages five to fifteen, have plenty of hungry fish a waiting their hooks.

Registration forms are available on line at

There will be entertainment for the youngsters and prizes such as T-shirts, fishing gear, hats, and U.S. Savings Bonds.


  • Sharon Johnston Park

  • 26th Annual Madison County Commission Fishing Rodeo

  • .

    Wednesday, May 7, 2008

    Honoring Local Huntsville Firefighter Wayne T. Bridges

    City's last red fire truck takes ex-fighter to rest "...The men, dressed in navy blue uniforms with the Huntsville Fire Rescue insignia, serve as pallbearers at the request of the family of any firefighter, Robinson said. For Bridges, the men presented the American flag draped across his coffin to his family and rang the fire engine's bell in honor of his life, duty and service.

    "The reaction from the family is there's no word to describe it," said firefighter and Honor Guard member Don Murray, who worked with Bridges when the two men were stationed on University Drive. "It doesn't matter if you know them or not; you feel like you do." ..." Reference:

    Monday, May 5, 2008

    Tate Farms

    Tate Farms is a farming operation that has been in the area for quite some time. Their website details the farm as follows: The Tate family has a rich agricultural heritage dating back to 1810 in southwest Virginia. The Tate family first came to Madison County in 1867 from Warren County, Tennessee. Homer Tate began farming in 1948, although Tate Farms (a joint venture partnership) wasn’t formed until 1987 with Homer and his sons: Mike, Steve and Jeff Tate, and his nephew Pat Brown. Each of the five partners brings expertise to a special area of managing and running the farm.

    The farm, located in the red clay soils of the Tennessee Valley, consists of 5,000 acres of family owned and leased land. While the farm produces several different crops, including corn, wheat, and soybeans; the principal crop has always been cotton. From a 95 acre cotton crop in 1959, the operation has planted up to 5500 acres of cotton in recent years. Irrigation was introduced on the farm in 1988. There are currently 9 center pivot irrigation systems in operation, watering approximately 1,250 acres. In 2004, sub surface drip irrigation was introduced to water 150 acres of row crops...[Visit their website for more].

    The farm offers tours and a huge pumpkin patch:


    Madison County Alabama Rural Free Delivery

    Rural Delivery and Madison County
    For those interested in stamp collecting the Huntsville Philatelic Club is a great local organization. This month they feature an unusual Huntsville cover postmarked 19 December 1907. The cover they feature originated in Madison County, but the card does not have a return address, which is typical of post cards mailed during that period. The rural delivery service used a network of rural routes traveled by carriers to deliver and pick up mail to and from roadside mailboxes.


    Huntsville FOP on Ryland Pike...

    Some of our readers have inquired about the beautiful log cabin located between the Ryland Post Office and Highway 72. Upon investigation we determined it is an FOP location ...and on that note, we would like to welcome to the Ryland and Maysville area, the Huntsville Fraternal Order of Police at their new location at 169 Ryland Pike, Huntsville, AL 35811. The building is identified by the placards on the exterior. It is the log cabin on Ryland Pike just before your approach to Highway 72.