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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fire rages at cedar mill on Maysville Road next to Cooper Estates

Fire rages at cedar mill on Maysville Road next to Cooper Estates

Plumes of Smoke as seen from Cooper Estates
A fire that began around noon today rages on at CedarSafe in Maysville. The cedar mill sits on Maysville Road next to the Cooper Estates subdivision. Plumes of smoke can be seen rising from the area as people in the Cooper Estates development watch from their yards and homes. The fire appeared to have subsided around 12:20 when minutes later it appeared to reignite as it spread to other buildings on the cedar mill property. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. WAFF has posted an article with several pictures. The article can be found at: . The pleasant aroma of burning cedar can be enjoyed for miles as the rain and clouds hold the smoke low to the ground. The cedar mill sits on the Flint River where canoeist traverse the slowly moving waters as they flow through this beautiful part of Madison County. The river flows under Ryland Pike at the bridges and on toward the beautiful property owned by the Saints M/C who hosts the LL Memorial and River Raft Race every year.     READ MORE HERE
Reference: Maysville and Ryland News


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