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Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Spotted Over the Maysville and Ryland Alabama Area

Several of our readers have reported seeing Santa flying over the Maysville and Ryland Alabama area. Reports suggested Santa was in our area between 1PM and 3PM. Karen Peppermint, a homeowner in Cooper Estates, claims she was returning from the Maysville General Store at the Maysville Four-Way when she first saw a red streak shoot across the sky. "Something caught my eye coming from the direction of Central School on Ryland Pike. It was so fast, I thought it was a missile being fired from Redstone Arsenal, but then it suddenly stopped in the sky. I could then see it was Santa and his team of reindeer. They just sat still, in the air for a moment. He was so close I could see his beard and the red glow of the nose of the lead riendeer. Then, in a split second, he took off leaving a whirl of wind that blew the leaves off of the trees and what appeared to be red and gold glitter dust. It was amazing!", said Karen Peppermint. Those of us at the Maysville and Ryland News believe Santa must have been seeing who was being naughty and nice at Central School, possibly talking to teachers and parents to update his list. We also speculate he then made a quick check of the homes in Cooper Estates and the adjoining area. We will keep you up to date of any further reports.    

Reference: Maysville and Ryland News ξ