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Monday, April 6, 2009

Issue: Frequency of Madison County Garbage Pickup...

A look back at County Garbage Pickup (circa 2006)

Looking back on the county garbage pickup service we remind you of the wise words of New Hope's Oran Whitaker who said the following back in January 20, 2006:

"Mr. Harrison has made a lot of points here and the area I just can't comprehend; you talk about fuel costs and wear and tear on a truck," Whitaker said. "Where I live, we get it once a week and that's all we need. If you're going out there twice a week, look at the wear and tear on a truck. I can't see your economics there, Mr. Harrison." Reference:

Here at the Maysville News, all we can say is Oran Whitaker gets our vote for County Commissioner. How'bout it Mr. Whitaker? the editor