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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Maysville Alabama: Logging Truck Spills Load on Maysville Road:

Poor quality (cell phone) picture of spilled logs

The accident took place near the cedar mill, near the intersection of Maysville Road and Cooper Drive around 10:00 PM. The Madison County Volunteer Fire Department responded to the call within minutes of the report. The logs shifted while the tractor trailer rounded the ninety degree turn at the entrance of Cooper Estates, spilling the load into the front yard of a Cooper Estate resident. The resident stated they have had to replace several mailboxes due to similar-type accidents. The logs slammed against a utility pole causing the transformer to arc with bright blue and white flames, alerting the neighborhood residents with a post Fourth of July light show. State Troopers said the driver was not injured in the accident. A Haz-Mat team handled a resulting fuel leak. A crew worked until early morning hours to remove the spilled logs.

We applaud the quick response time provided by the Madison County Volunteer Fire Department and law enforcement. Job well done!