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Sunday, June 8, 2008



The Maysville and Ryland Alabama Area News is not affiliated in any manner with the eBay seller offering this map. We found this item while searching for articles to place on our site and feel it may be of value to anyone doing historical or genealogical research. The item is a reproduction. Below you will find the seller's description of the map:

Ideal for local historians, genealogists, railroad buffs, treasure hunters and relic hunters! Shows portions of the Paint Rock River, the Tennessee River and the Flint River, the towns of Scottsboro, Maysville, Langston and Larkinsville and the smaller towns of Plevna, Grays Chapel, Wallston, New Market, Estills Fork, Greerton, Sunset, Narrows, Honea, Larkin, Carricks Mill, Blackwell, Deposit, Bell Factory Station, Greenfield, Padgett, Beechboro, Princeton, Mud Creek, Holly Tree, Kyle, Maynard's Cove, Tupelo, Brownsboro, Garth, Winiger, Berry's, Burley, Lim Rock, Paint Rock, Woodville, Berkley, Dry Cove, Santa, Owens Cross Roads, Lowe, Poplar Ridge, Dodsonville, Swearengin, New Hope (Vienna), Keel, Grant, Preston, Nat and more. Other locations of interest include Mountain Fork, Lick Fork, Larkin Fork, Estills Fork, Cumberland Plateau, Big Coon Creek, Mud Creek, Section Ferry, Caldwell's Ferry, Larkin Landing, Gunter Mountain, Little Paint Rock Creek, Guess Creek, North Sauty Creek, and more! Of particular interest are the 1885 railroad lay-outs (the Nashville Chattanooga and St. Louis Railroad; and the Memphis and Charleston Railroad). Listed as the ALABAMA - SCOTTSBORO QUADRANGLE. This is an authentic 1885 survey (edition April 1892, reprinted 1925) U.S.G.S. Topographical Map reproduced in black and white and distributed by the Midcontinent Map Company until my father bought out their inventory back in the mid '80s. These maps are not available anywhere else! If you are a serious relic hunter these maps can be invaluable! Also shows individual buildings, roads, schools, railroads and the topography of the land at the time of the survey. Shows towns that no longer exist and the then current layout of all creeks and waterways. A great tool for locating ghost towns and Civil War campsites! Actual size of map is 16 1/2" X 20" with viewable portion being 14 1/2" X 17 1/2". The scale is 1/125000 which is approximately 1 mile equals one-half inch.
Covers latitude 34 degrees 30' to 35 degrees 00' and longitude 86 degrees 00' to 86 degrees 30'. Map has Earth Sciences Department Western Connecticut State College stamped in a margin and has Reconnaissance Map at the top. This map is a more modern copy, is crystal clear, and is in mint condition! Map adjoins the Stevenson quadrangle (east) and the Huntsville quadrangle (west) which I also have listed.


Reference: Item number: 250254659080