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Monday, May 5, 2008

Tate Farms

Tate Farms is a farming operation that has been in the area for quite some time. Their website details the farm as follows: The Tate family has a rich agricultural heritage dating back to 1810 in southwest Virginia. The Tate family first came to Madison County in 1867 from Warren County, Tennessee. Homer Tate began farming in 1948, although Tate Farms (a joint venture partnership) wasn’t formed until 1987 with Homer and his sons: Mike, Steve and Jeff Tate, and his nephew Pat Brown. Each of the five partners brings expertise to a special area of managing and running the farm.

The farm, located in the red clay soils of the Tennessee Valley, consists of 5,000 acres of family owned and leased land. While the farm produces several different crops, including corn, wheat, and soybeans; the principal crop has always been cotton. From a 95 acre cotton crop in 1959, the operation has planted up to 5500 acres of cotton in recent years. Irrigation was introduced on the farm in 1988. There are currently 9 center pivot irrigation systems in operation, watering approximately 1,250 acres. In 2004, sub surface drip irrigation was introduced to water 150 acres of row crops...[Visit their website for more].

The farm offers tours and a huge pumpkin patch: