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Thursday, May 8, 2008

KMDQ: Tom Sharp, Jr. Field/Madison County Executive Airport and 3M5: The Moontown Airport

While tilling my small vegetable garden this past week, my ears were attracted to the distant sound of a crop duster spraying a field. The sound of aircraft engines have always been able to get my blood flowing due to my being a Military Brat, as well as an ex-Navy and ex-DOD aircraft mechanic. When I first moved to the Maysville area in 1992 I could actually watch these talented pilots strafe the surrounding cotton, corn, and bean fields. As the years have passed, the crop dusters have disappeared, along with the fields they once protected. The fields now grow families in subdivisions where cotton once grew. I imagine that crop dusting is also regulated in some manner that doesn't permit the spraying of chemicals near populated areas. I miss the acrobatic display, as well as the comradery of waving to my fellow aviation enthusiast as they flew over my home rolling the aircraft slightly, returning my wave. The Maysville area still offers some entertaining aviation sky events. I have witnessed passing blimps, hot air balloons, and gliders. Tilt your head to the sky on occasion so you can witness some of our aerial beauty.

The Maysville and Ryland area offers two (2) airfields. The Tom Sharp, Jr. Field/Madison County Executive Airport located in Meridianville and the Moontown Airport near Maysville.