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Monday, May 5, 2008

Huntsville FOP on Ryland Pike...

Some of our readers have inquired about the beautiful log cabin located between the Ryland Post Office and Highway 72. Upon investigation we determined it is an FOP location ...and on that note, we would like to welcome to the Ryland and Maysville area, the Huntsville Fraternal Order of Police at their new location at 169 Ryland Pike, Huntsville, AL 35811. The building is identified by the placards on the exterior. It is the log cabin on Ryland Pike just before your approach to Highway 72.



kilpat169 said...

This log cabin was originally built in Maysville by Lewis Kilpatrick at the 4 way and then moved to its new location on Ryland Pike

Elon said...

Winston Sanders of Huntsville, Al. completly restored the log cabin in 2002. The cabin has 3 coats of a special log sealing compound manufactured by Sikens Corp. Sikens supplies the paint for BMW, Mercades and other high dollar cars.
Mr. Kilpatrick was a very intelligent. The logs were landscape treated poles. He cut, stacked and pined the logs with a steel rod about 12 inches long. Before I would sell the log cabin I completely sealed the inside portion of the log with a special sealer that prohibited the chemical used to treat the logs from out-gassing. Otherwise the cabin would not be safe to live in.