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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Highway 72 and Moores Mill Road Interchange

Discussion during the May 27, 2008, Huntsville City Planning Commission said the state is designing an interchange for the Moores Mill Road/U.S. 72 intersection.



Tom Elliott said...

According to the May 2007 Planning Commission Agenda (PDF), the project in question is called "Harris Hills." The land in question lies "South of U.S. Highway 72 East and west of Shields Road." The specific request is to rezone "from Neighborhood Business C-1 District, Residence 1-A District and Residence 2-A District to Residence 2-B District (83.00acres), Highway Business C-4 District (166.00 acres) and Neighborhood Business C-1 District (1.3 acres) (250.30 acres)."

I cannot see where the minutes from such meetings are posted online.

Tom Elliott said...
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Tom Elliott said...

I should have said in my previous comment that there is no rubric in the agenda for discussion of the overpass. The overpass must have come up in discussion of this project, or during questions/comments on some other portion of the agenda.

[ Sorry for the churn on the comments thread ]

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Moderator Comment

Thanks for your informative comments Mr. Elliott ...good information on the specifics of the rezoning. If you find where the minutes are located online, we would appreciate your sharing.