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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ever Wonder What is Produced at the Cedar Mill in Maysville Next to Cooper Estates?

One of our readers wanted us to find out what exactly is produced at this cedar mill. Our research indicates it is Giles and Kendall, Inc., which offers a product line of various cedar. Specifically, they produce these products under the name Cedar Safe Products. Cedar Safe products can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace, True Value, Menard's, and Do It Best. They specialize in closet liners. Cedar, Aromatic Eastern Redcedar specifically, is scientifically proven to repel pests, such as roaches, silverfish, moths, and it resists mildew.

The cedar mill is located at:

Giles & Kendall, Inc. - CedarSafe®
3470 Maysville Road
in Maysville, Alabama


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Rylandman said...

Joe Giles ran the cedar mill until April 4, 1977. On April 4, 1977, Joe and his wife, Karen boarded a DC9 at Huntsville on Southern flight 242 for a trip to Atlanta. They never made it. The plane crashed in a thunderstorm at New Hope, Georgia killing 72 people including Joe and Karen. Joe and Karen had small children but they were not on the flight. Joe's sister assumed the business but soon sold out. Thus the Giles family in Giles and Kendal was in name only.