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Friday, February 22, 2008

Redstone Arsenal Responsible for Mysterious Boom Heard Over Seven Counties

Community left clueless for hours after a "Rocket Motor Test" shakes seven counties in NE Alabama. Redstone Arsenal has taken credit for the "B-O-O-M" heard last night. Hey Redstone about stepping up a little sooner instead of leaving people questioning something like this for so long. Here is the WHNT 19 article on the mystery boom: Arsenal Offers Explanation on "Mystery Boom". The article explains it saying, "Thursday night's test was the end of what's called a "slow cook-off" of a rocket motor.

"It's simply taking a motor, putting it in to a prefabricated oven, and raising the temperature at a certain rate, in accordance with test procedures, and you basically wait till it explodes," said Walter Ruh with Redstone's Technical Test Center."