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Friday, February 29, 2008

First Annual Rocket City Rocket Motor Cookoff

Since the big "boom" in Huntsville, the web is crawling with stories ...fact and fiction! Some of the articles address the typical conspiracy theories and some attempt to educate based on the facts provided by Redstone Arsenal. Then there are some articles that provide a more entertaining perspective of what took place. For an example, check out the blog of ROFASIX titled Redstone Arsenal's Big Boom.

Redstone Arsenal Explains the Boom as Being the Result of a Rocket Motor Slow Cook-Off
What is a slow cook-off test? As you may know, Redstone claims the boom, heard as far as Maysville, was caused by the "warming" or "cooking" of a rocket motor for testing. Specifically, this is called a "slow cook-off test", where rocket motors, munitions, etc, are warmed to a temperature where the device explodes. Why would they want to do this? This is done for a multitude of reasons. It is done to determine the stability or instability of the item or to provide information on how to control explosions that are unintended, i.e. to reduce damage in the event of an accidental explosion. Simply put, the information garnered from the testing provides information helpful to the deployment of quality weapons or equipment to the field.