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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Christmas on the corner of Ryland Pike and Highway 72

A very touching article/commentary appeared in the Huntsville Times that we thought we would share. The article related to the trees that were decorated at Christmas on the corner of Ryland Pike and Highway 72. The article can be found at

Below is the article in full:
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Thanks and blessings

I would like to thank some people who impacted my life this past Christmas season. First, there is the Officers' Wives Club from Redstone Arsenal for putting wreaths on the veterans' graves this year. I was nicely surprised when I put Christmas flowers on our son's grave at Valhalla Cemetery.

The sight of all those wreaths on the graves was a beautiful sight. The sun was shining that day and the wreaths looked like soldiers at attention.

Our son died way too early in life from leukemia. He served 16 years in the Air Force, most of the time in the missile silos helping assure our safety. We are very proud of his service to our country. Thanks to those who honored our loved one and others who served.

Another thank you goes to the "elves" who decorated the trees on U.S. 72 East where it intersects with Ryland Pike. It was nice to see the shining tinsel and decorations blowing in the wind as we left and again when we came home.

The last thank you goes to the tireless people who keep the entrance and curve to Ryland Pike clean. They continually clean it up even though the day after they do, people still continue to throw out "stuff" on the side of the road. I thank them for their work and maybe someday it will stay clean after their efforts. We could only hope!

Since we hear of so many bad things every day, I wanted to thank some of the good deeds done, that people may not know about. Thanks to all those who were a blessing to me this year.

Dianne M. Cutten,

Huntsville, 35811

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