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Monday, January 28, 2008

4TH MICHIGAN CAVALRY in Maysville circa 1863

Maysville During the Civil War


Here you can find letters written April - October 1863 referencing the Civil War (War of Northern Agression; War Between the States) pertaining to the Maysville, Alabama area. Here is a sampling from the letters:

  • Headquarters 4th Michigan Cavalry, Camp near Maysville, Alabama Sunday Oct 25th 1863.

  • I would hate to be a citizen living in this country about this time. We have moved so fast and so meteor-like Uncle Sam couldn’t touch us – consequence was didn’t draw any rations and Uncle Jeff had to suffer. We had to forage on the country. We lived well but I admit the thing went
    almost too far with some. A great many have been ROBBED OUTRIGHT of everthing but it is stopped now.

  • Maysville is about 10 miles north east from Huntsville, Ala, near the line of the Charleston and Memphis RR. The cars run now as far as Paint Rock 15 miles from here and 35 miles from Stevenson(?) where the road intersects the Nashville and Chattanooga RR.

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    Rylandman said...

    Lt. Col. Milus E. "Bushwhacker" Johnston of the 25th Alabama Cavalry Battalion Confederate States of America gave an account of a young teenage boy being lynched by the Yankees at Maysville. The boy was left hanging by the Yankees with sign attached to warn local residents of the consequences of cooperation with Confederates. Col. Johnston saw the boy hanging when he entered Maysville from the south side. Sherman was a saint as compared to the war crimes perpetuated on the people of Madison County, Alabama